Research & Development

Food is love & we love creating it!

The soul of any great bakery & it's delicious food is it's Research and Development department, and Anjani Foods takes pride in it's R&D. We have one of the most committed departments in the region.

Located in the company's corporate headquarters at Hyderabad, Anjani Foods R&D is responsible for researching new bakery trends, developing new products, testing these products intensively & determing consumer opinion, varying tastes of the market & projected growth of the food industry, detecting trends and consumer patterns & creating a wholesome eating experience.

The R&D department takes meticulous care in doing it's job & is unwavering in it's resolution to provide the best food experience.

Our R&D bakers have previously worked on multiple interdisciplinary projects & excel in setting direction for how projects are carried out. They have trained extensively in fine dining & various types of cooking arts.

Anjani Foods' R&D laboratory also performs these other functions:

  • Conducting nutritional analyses
  • Creating finished product specifications
  • Scoring and analyzing existing products, to ensure consistent product quality
  • Testing incoming flour quality using near-infrared analysis
  • Analyzing product pH, TTA, moisture content, and water activity
  • Conducting penetrometer testing for softness
  • Determining various product shelf life parameters
  • Assisting with the plant trials of new products


Anjani Foods is presently targeting 3 different market segments in the food industry.

  • Connoisseurs and customers looking for a high-end bakery experience.
  • The middle class consumers looking for a neighbourhood bakery
  • The millennial generation looking for a spot to hangout