What we do

Anjani Foods Limited (AFL) is one of the pioneers & leading bakery food-on-the-go retailers & bakery product distributors in Andhra Pradesh, with over a variety of diverse retail & distribution outlets spread across five districts from Srikakulam to Godavari.

We stand for great-tasting, freshly baked, value for money products that create delight for our customers.

With an ambition to grow state-wide and manage our supply chain efficiently, we are in a unique position to make freshly baked products accessible to everyone, every day at Anjani Foods.

  • Our distribution network is consistently growing. Spread across 5 districts of North AP, Fresh Choice products are available at all mandals and major towns for the convenience of our customers. Our distributors have an efficient way of reaching the villages through a combination of direct retailing and wholesalers.

  • Our retail outlets are presently located predominantly in Vizag in different formats. The Patisserie cafĂ© format is a high street outlet that provides its discerning customers some of the best pastry desserts alongside pizzas and kinds of pasta and sandwiches. Other outlets are located in residential and commercial streets of the city offering various bakery products for convenience. We produce the best designer cakes in the city for its customers for celebrating their special moments with their near and dear ones!

Our product offer is differentiated by the way we freshly prepare food in our shops each day and offer customers outstanding value for good quality, great tasting food-on-the-go.


Anjani Foods is presently targeting 3 different market segments in the food industry.

  • Connoisseurs and customers looking for a high-end bakery experience.
  • The middle class consumers looking for a neighbourhood bakery
  • The millennial generation looking for a spot to hangout