What we do

Anjani Foods is one of the pioneers & leading bakery food-on-the-go retailers & bakery outlets in Andhra Pradesh, with over a variety of diverse retail & distribution outlets spread across five districts from Srikakulam to Godavari.

We stand for great tasting, freshly prepared food that our customers can trust, at affordable prices and aim to become the customers’ favourite for food-on-the-go.

With ambitions to grow state wide and ownership of our supply chain, we are in a unique position to make good, freshly prepared food accessible to everyone, ensuring that ‘Everyday and everything tastes good’ at Anjani Foods.

Anjani Foods prime objective is to provide the freshest & reasonably priced food accessible to everyone in an extremely competitive market place.

  • Our supply network is constantly and consistently being evolved and restructured to achieve that goal we have, to be everyone's favourite food-on-the-go. We are proud to say that we are spread across 5 districts of Andhra Pradesh where we are a local favourite, be it freshly baked food from one of our retail outlets or factory produced every day bread.

  • Our shops are always being adapted to suit the modern trends yet retaining the aura of a traditional bakery to provide the warm and welcoming feeling. Our Shops tend to be opened in the heart of bustling cities where a larger crowd can have easy access, even in homely residential areas for families and to provide rest to weary travelers along highways - the running theme is always to provide uniform customer experience.

We also have entered a relatively newer arena, which is to provide healthy & nutritious foods to millennials yet adhering to their preference of fast food like tastes. But it is also not about the taste, it is also to provide a community experience in the form of a modern bakery cafe where the students can gather and chill so to speak.

We have introduced a concept called the "Student's Cafe" across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana aimed towards the millennial generation. Eventually we plan to open several different cafe formats across India.

Our product offer is differentiated by the way we freshly prepare food in our shops each day and offer customers outstanding value for good quality, great tasting food-on-the-go.


Anjani Foods is presently targeting 3 different market segments in the food industry.

  • Connoisseurs and customers looking for a high-end bakery experience.
  • The middle class consumers looking for a neighbourhood bakery
  • The millennial generation looking for a spot to hangout